RedWire: Senior Rails Developer

RedWire is looking for what they’re calling a Senior Rails Developer:

– Web application development
– Network administration
– Information storage
– Network functionality

In addition, you will also be responsible for helping set up email distribution, as well as any other relevant technically related projects as they arise.

• Provable guru status and devoteeism of Ruby on Rails with experience actually deploying applications
• Strong experience with MySQL, version 5+ and beyond
• Background in developing and optimizing GNU/Linux, *nix, and *BSD platforms for mission critical production environments
• Familiar with network infrastructure and design concepts for small networks (<25 machines).
• Proven experience in designing security-hardened web applications, using open cryptographic standards 
• Familiarity with hardware prognostics and normal accident theory 
• Expertise in open-source programs and development • Familiarity with content versioning systems (e.g., Hg, SVN, CVS)

The Good
The technology mix (Ruby/Rails, MySQL, Linux) isn’t a bad one. 

The facebook posting talks about their location at Adelaide and John, which is both reasonably convenient and has a lot of nice stuff around.

Both the redwire and SarahPrevette twitter feeds have bemoaned the lack of good candidates, so if you’re really a good fit, you might have a little leverage to help align the opportunity with what you’re looking for.

The Bad
Not a ton of information about what RedWire will do, how big the company is (is it just Sarah Prevette, or are there more partners/employees), how far along they are, and so forth.  What’s the compensation?  

It’s a startup, so, odds are, the pay’s not fantastic and there aren’t any benefits.  That means they need to make up for it in other ways.  What are those other ways, the “fun” about which the posting speaks, or is there more, like an equity stake?

Making reference to ‘Hg’ under concurrent versioning systems when you’re talking about being a Rails shop is a little odd, since Git seems to be the DVCS of choice for that community these days.  Not sure if I should read something into that or not, so I won’t.

The tone tries really hard to convince you that you want to work at RedWire, from the “Rockstars” to “Fun-zilla”.  Some people go for that, other people find it irritating enough to write an in-depth rant about this particular posting.

It could be a pretty mixed bag of do-it-all technology work, which may either be great, or irritating, depending on how you feel.  As the rant above implies, this sounds like what they really want is more like a ‘CTO’ or at least a technically-oriented partner in the company than it does a Rails developer.

In Summary
This is probably only interesting if you’re a bit of a technological jack-of-all-trades interested in working for/with a start-up in Ruby.  If that sounds like you, drop RedWire / Sarah Prevette a line and try and learn a little more.


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