Unspecified: iPhone Developers (Immediate)

Someone is looking for several iPhone developers who can start work immediately:

– be familiar and preferably experienced with Xcode, Cocoa (Cocoa Touch), and Objective-C 
– be able to provide tweaks and bug testing after product release 
– have adequate time to devote to development (please make this clear in your email) 
– value clean code that must be constantly tested and reduced to provide a fluid and uncluttered program 
– above all, quality driven (we refuse to release a product that is not up to standards expected by paying customers) 

The Good
Their desire to have people start immediately could give you a little leverage if you have the skills they need.  And, from what I can see, iPhone development is interesting and potentially a good long-term career move, given the increasing focus on mobile devices, of which the iPhone is currently king.

The Bad
Their desire to have people start immediately could speak to time pressure that might only get worse.   There’s very little information here, and what’s there doesn’t leap out at me as being great.

Like several other iPhone positions that have come through, they’re clearly looking for partners rather than employees — they want to pay you on App Store revenue, which is good and bad: you’re trading security for revenue potential.  You’d want to evaluate the potential of the idea very carefully.  As is often true here, if you really have the wherewithal to work on an app store application without needing income, then perhaps you should be working on your own, not someone else’s?

In Summary
If you’re in the rare position of being able to work for 4-8 weeks on an iPhone application without needing to pay lots of bills in that period (or with lots of spare time) and you’re interested in taking on a partnership arrangement with an unspecified party under heavy time pressure, you might inquire.  Most of you will wisely consider many of those points to be a deal-breaker.


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