Red Herring Canada 2008: T-Z

Continuing to look at the nominees for Red Herring’s 2008 Canadian version of the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, having already looked at A-FG-N and O-S.  These are divided based on my findings of who’s local and who has interesting / relevant jobs posted on their website. If I list a company you own or are affiliated with, and you’d like to correct something I’ve said or just say Hi, feel free.  With a list this long, there’s only so much mental space I’m devoting to each of you, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll miss something or misrepresent something.Local, relevant jobs:

  • SimBioSys does computational chemistry up northeast of the airport (427/409).   The location doesn’t appeal to me at all, but if you’re up there already, then you might be interested to see that they’re looking for a Scientific Application Developer (C++, Java, 3D, web, etc.)
  • Uptime does a system monitoring solution out at Queen and Bathurst, and they’re looking for a Client Support Engineer, Sr. Systems Administrator, QA Team Lead and Software Developer (Java/PHP).  We’ve talked about Uptime before.
  • Vizible does a content delivery/player solution thingy that I don’t feel comfortable trying to explain at King and Spadina.  They’re looking for an XPCOM developer, Installshield developer and 3D Graphics developer.  The XPCOM development position is pretty rare if that’s what you’re into.

Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • Sigma Systems does “IP Service Fulfillment” near Wellington and University.  They’re not currently looking for anything relevant, although I’ve certainly seen their postings before.
  • Talkster does an advertising-supported free-long-distance service up at Don Mills and Lawrence.  No obvious postings.
  • Viigo does mobile applications, including a well-reputed newsreader, at Front and Jarvis.  They’re looking for a Sr. Sales Executive, but nothing very technical right now.
  • Vivonet does some kind of ERP / business intelligence thing for retail/hospitalitiy out of Vancouver.  They’re looking for the following: Jr. SysAdmin, DBA, .NET and Delphi developers and Support Analyst.
Not local or just not sure:
  • Sempa Power does hybrid/green heating out of North Vancouver.  The only engineers they’re looking for are in the vein of mechanical engineers, not software “engineers”, or even electrical engineers with a comp-sci background.
  • Sidense does Logic Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) out of Ottawa.  They’re mostly looking for people with pretty low-level hardware skills, but they are looking for a new grad in software (Java, C++, Perl, Shell scripting) as well as a CAD engineer and an account executive.
  • SiteMasher does a Software as a Service mashup-development platform out of Vancouver.  No obvious postings.
  • SiXtron does coatings for solar out of Quebec.  They’re looking for a field engineer, accountant and chemist.
  • Standout Jobs does a SaaS recruiting platform for businesses, it’s always seemed like a pretty good solution.  They do Ruby on Rails work out of Montreal, and they’re not currently looking for anything specific, but they still encourage you to drop them a line if you’re interested.
  • StatusFirm “reinvents communication on the internet” through some kind of “communication network” platform.  Basically, their argument seems to revolve around having a specialized solution for building particular kinds of websites well/fast.  They’re out of Edmonton, and looking for PHP and Web developers.
  • Sutus does a single appliance to offer phone/internet/network for small business out of BC.  They don’t have any postings at the moment.
  • Telepin does a mobile financial platform out of Ottawa.  No obvious postings.
  • Tungle does meeting scheduling out of Montreal.  They’re looking for QA and Java Development.
  • Udutu does online course authoring out of Victoria.  They’re looking for a web (html, flash, photoshop) developer and contractors.
  • Versature does Hosted PBX out of Ottawa.  No obvious postings.
  • VoIPshield does VoIP security in Ottawa, and is looking for a SysAdmin, Webmaster and some sales positions.
  • WideSail does semiconductor intellectual property out of Montreal.  No obvious postings.
  • WurldTech does industrial security in Vancouver and is looking for a Linux Developer, Network Protocol Developer, Web Application Developer and white-hats to test their skills on their “hack this” challenge.
That’s it!  Finito.

2 Responses to Red Herring Canada 2008: T-Z

  1. Good post on the finalists for the top 50 innovative canadian companies – it is nice to see the analysis and description you put in, helps understand what everyone is doing. Wanted to let you know that Sutus is now looking for a Flex application developer – not posted on our site yet, but will be shortly!

    Jon Paul

  2. Shannon says:

    Just to add

    You mentioned that Sitemasher did not have any jobs posted. Sitemasher is hiring and has some jobs posted up at:

    We are just rebuilding our new site with our careers section!


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