Red Herring Canada 2008: O-S

Continuing to look at the nominees for Red Herring’s 2008 Canadian version of the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, having already looked at A-F, G-N.  These are divided based on my findings of who’s local and who has interesting / relevant jobs posted on their website.

If I list a company you own or are affiliated with, and you’d like to correct something I’ve said or just say Hi, feel free.  With a list this long, there’s only so much mental space I’m devoting to each of you, so it’s entirely possible that I’ll miss something or misrepresent something.

Local, relevant jobs:


  • Refresh Partners does marketing and analytics for social networks as well as social network applications.  It looks to me like Facebook is the current focus.  They’re looking for PHP and PHP/Java devs to work on social network properties like Dogbook.  Since they’re the only local company with obviously relevant jobs in this bunch, they deserve your full attention.


Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • OmniDate does virtual dating out of Toronto, but has no obvious postings.
  • PlanetEye does travel planning with a photography bent out of Toronto with no obviously relevant postings (although they’d like people to write about certain destinations and/or supply geotagged photography).

Not very local, but not very far:

  • OmniGlobe Networks “provides affordable, satellite and WiMAX broadband Internet, VoIP, tele-education, telemedicine and cellular services to world regions where terrestrial telecommunications are unavailable, unreliable, or simply too expensive” out of Montreal, but they’re looking for network technicians in stratford, java developers and systems engineers in montreal and a broadband business development manager.
  • Q5X do wireless microphones in London, ON. amd are looking for an RF Engineer / Electronics Technologist.
  • RapidMind does some kind of multi-core development platform in Waterloo.  They’re looking for the following: System Architect, Systems Engineer, Application Developer, Tech Writer, Sales / BizDev, Product Management, Developer Support Specialist.  Looks like their development is in C++.

Not local or just not sure:

  • Origin BioMed does natural health products / pharmaceuticals in Halifax, NS, with no obvious job postings. 
  • Overlay.TV does online video out of Ottawa, and is looking for a Senior Flash Developer.
  • Perceptronix does cancer diagnosis in Vancouver, with no relevant job postings (they’d like an Accountant, though).
  • Praized does local search for social media out of Montreal, and is looking for a Front-End Web Developer.
  • Project Opus seems to do music-related social networks out of Vancouver with no obvious postings.
  • Protecode does software governance out of Ottawa and is looking for: Sr. DB Designer, 3x Sr. Software Tech Support Rep, 2x Sr. Java Developer.
  • Radian6 builds software to monitor social media – interesting idea, and probably one that either is or will be in demand.  Unfortunately, they do it in Fredricton, New Brunswick, so unless you’re looking to move to The Maritimes / Acadie, they might be a little out of reach.  Their only current posting is a sales position anyway.
  • Ryma does product management software out of Montreal.  They’re looking mostly for sales and marketing types, but they’re also looking for some people to work in their professional services arm, including some .NET work.
We’ve only got S-W left, and then we’re finally done!

2 Responses to Red Herring Canada 2008: O-S

  1. David Alston says:

    Thanks for the Radian6 mention. Just checked with our VP Engineering and we are looking for another developer this year to join us in “Freddy Beach”. It will be a Java developer position and posted soon. Also, we are looking to fill a number of technology sales positions so if you are keen to head out East to Fredericton or Saint John we’d love to hear from you. 😉

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    I had hoped that Radian6, with a social media monitoring solution, would be the first company to pick up on this post, given that it’s your business to be aware of such things, so that’s good to see.

    I’m told Fredricton’s a nice city, though, if any of you are open to moving. 😉

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