Red Herring Canada 2008 (A-F)

Well, Red Herring has released its list of nominees fo the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, although the official launch of said list seems to be in mid-September, at which point there may be more information on who they selected and why. In the meantime, I thought I’d do the usual and figure out who’s local and whether or not they have interesting job postings.  I’ll divide the list based on my findings so that you don’t have to read them all.  Since there are a LOT of companies on this list, this first posting covers A-F.

Local, relevant jobs:

  • BlueCat Networks does IP Address Management out of TO.  They’re looking for some Software Developers, QA, etc.  I don’t love their somewhat-north location.
  • BlueSlice is looking for some software designers, but seems like you probably need a stronger telecom background than I have to know what they’re looking for and whether or not it’s interesting.
  • Camilion does insurance software up in Markham, and has openings for Java / J2EE work.
  • Cascada Mobile has a stylish website and seems to offer a platform for developing and delivering applications for mobile devices up at Yonge/Eglinton.  They don’t have job postings listed, but would probably be a potential employer, so it might be worth inquiring.
  • Casebank seems to do expert systems for Aerospace out of Mississauga, and has openings for Sr. Java developers.
  • FileMobile does a social media platform at King and Dufferin.  They’re looking for a Web Developer(XHTML/CSS), Project/Client Manager and SysAdmin.
  • Fresco Microchip is a fabless semiconductor company out of Markham and Ottawa.  Some postings, if you’ve got mad chip-designing skillz (DSP Engineer, Lab Technologist).

Local, no obviously relevant jobs:

  • 6NSilicon may be local, but they’re looking for engineers with foundry experience, not software developers or IT.
  • A Couple of Chicks is local, but they don’t seem to want help.  If you’re into SEO and online marketing (and being female may not hurt, given their company name), you could give ’em a call.
  • Avaning does “next-generation home-automation” and is looking for an HVAC engineer in TO.
  • b5media is building a blog empire, but isn’t currently looking for anyone to fill a position I care about.
  • Cervelo seems to be a pharmaceutical company in Mississauga.  I don’t see any sign of careers, but since they seem to be doing testing of Cannabinoids, some of you will want to try applying anyway.   You know who you are.  You might want to avoid mentioning your extensive experience with Cannabinoids during the interview process.
  • Clay Tablet does translation integration software down by the Distillery; they don’t currently seem to have any relevant openings, although they seem like a company that might sometimes have interesting ones.
  • CommunityLend does some kind of microfinance community lending system down by Adelaide and Peter.  No job openings posted, but they presumably have software jobs from time to time.
  • Eluta does a great job search engine out of Toronto, but, sadly, they don’t seem to be hiring themselves.  But they’re great, use ’em.  “Respect.”

Not very local, but not very far:

  • AideRSS does RSS/news filtering to find the “important” items, basically.  They get a lot of press, and I’m inclined to think they’re going places.  They’re out of Kitchener/Waterloo, which isn’t truly local, and definitely looking for people (Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails / Web Developer, JavaScript Ninja / Firefox Extension Developer).  If you’re out in the K/W area, I’d definitely consider them.  And Google.  Although perhaps Google will buy them.
  • Brainpark is doing something that sounds vaguely like groupware, and is looking for Python/Django developers in Guelph.
  • Blue Zone Technologies is out of Concord, and may not actually have any jobs.
  • ConceptShare does a community solution for feedback on concepts, designs, etc.  They’re in Sudbury, don’t seem to have job postings.
  • Covarity does loan monitoring out of Kitchener, and has a .NET job opening.

Not local or just not sure:

  • Aceris 3D does inspection systems, and is looking for a C++ Developer (with Java and Delphi experience), but they’re out of Montreal.
  • AdHack describes themselves as a marketplace for advertising — looks like they’re trying to crowdsource advertising.  They seem to be out of Vancouver and aren’t obviously looking for help.
  • Akoha does something I haven’t entirely figured out with respect to online community / playing / entertainment.  They’re out of Montreal and aren’t currently filling any specific positions, although you could still give them a shout.
  • Angstrom power does fuel cells and is looking for the non-software-developing kind of engineers in British Columbia.
  • Backbone Systems does managed IT solutions for small-to-medium business out of Vancouver.
  • Belair Networks does mesh networks out of Kanata, ON.
  • Categorical Design seems to be big on the semantic web, has an odd site design, and generally gives off an ecclectic vibe that I don’t really buy into.  I don’t know where they’re located and I don’t know if they’re hiring.  If you’re big on ecclectic, you can dig for yourself, then come back and let me know.
  • Contigo does asset tracking out of BC, and has some relevant jobs.
  • Cyrium Technologies does high-efficiency solar out of Ottawa.  No postings, probably not relevant.
  • DevShop does a hosted software project management solution out of Ottawa.  No career postings that I can see.
  • DirectVoxx does natural-language voice control out of Caltary.  No career postings that I can see.
  • Elcotech does industrial equipment (sludge-dewatering?) in Sherbrooke, QC.  No obvious relevant postings.
  • Engene delivers therapeutic proteins via genetics in BC.  No postings.
  • Mobinym seems have a dialing application for cell phones out of Westmount, QC.  No obvious postings.

5 Responses to Red Herring Canada 2008 (A-F)

  1. Colin says:

    Thanks for the mention.
    re jobs: we have nothing open at the moment, but we expect that to change early in 2009. Incidentally just for clarification about who we are, CommunityLend is all about changing the rules of lending for good quality borrowers in Canada.

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Ah, I notice CommunityLend was working with Unspace – so presumably Ruby jobs if and when that changes?

  3. James says:

    Thanks for the mention from here in Vancouver, too. We’re not actively recruiting for anyone right now, but we’re looking on an ongoing basis for a technical lead. I imagine the person who would be a good candidate would know the platform we’re using from browsing our site. The usual startup caveats also apply: careful with cash, requiring intensity and the desire to reinvent an industry in a better vision. We’re open to folks from anywhere, provided the right fit —

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  5. […] version of the 50 “most innovative and promising companies”, having already looked at A-F, G-N and O-S.  These are divided based on my findings of who’s local and who has […]

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