Informiam/Genesys: Java Developers, Intermediate and Senior

Informiam / Genesys is looking for Java Developers, Intermediate and Senior:

As a part of our team of software developers you will be a contributor to the design and implementation of Genesys/Informiam’s rich interface web-based applications and products.

We are looking for developers with strong Java skills, good understanding of data modeling and relational database fundamentals, object-oriented design, a creative software design sense, and enthusiasm to build our complex and rich internet applications — real-time business intelligence and reporting analytics products used by some of the largest IT companies in the world.

The Good
A friend works there, and I know at least one other developer there has a good reputation via friends and colleagues.   Having a good team counts for a lot, so having two future colleagues with good reputations goes along way with me.

The technology mix is also interesting, for the most part: “Java 5 + 6, Spring 2.5, Spring Security (Acegi), Restlet, ActiveMQ, Maven 2, GWT, and Hibernate/JPA on a daily basis”

The Bad
I can’t personally summon much enthusiasm for what Informiam produces and sells.  The location is also pretty awkward for many of you.  Unless your house is North of the 401 and/or somewhere near uptown Yonge street, the location might be a bit of a problem.  There’s a fair amount around, but it’s not a commute that I’d be looking for.  It’d be nice if they talked a bit about the work you’d be doing, your role, the process, the compensation.  There’s also very little about who Informiam is, and why you might want to work for them.

They mention ESB; that either means that Informiam has some very tough technical challenges ahead, or they like to adopt complex and painful technologies.  You decide.

I’m under the impression that they offer reasonable but unexceptional compensation.

In Summary
If you’re north of the 401 and looking for a job north of the 401 that isn’t out at Buttonville Airport or for someone huge like IBM, Informiam might be a good fit.  If you do take the job, lemme know and I’ll tell you  who you can trust.  😉


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