Ryerson: Manager, Application Development and Support Services

UPDATE: This position seems to be available only if you’re an existing Ryerson employee;That likely makes it far less interesting for most of you.

Ryerson University is looking for a Manager, Application Development and Support Services:

To plan, supervise and participate in the development of software development projects and the creation and maintenance of distributed computing systems and applications at Ryerson.

  • Successful completion of post-secondary degree in computer science or equivalent education such as B. Math with intensive computer science courses and training.
  • At least five years of intense development work with an emphasis in more than one of the following: Java EE, SQL database programming, Rich Internet Application development, and Web n-tier systems development.
  • At least three years of experience in managing and leading development teams through the full life cycle of sotware [sic] development and maintenance.

The Good
Although the posting doesn’t take the opportunity to talk about Ryerson, who they are, and why you might want to work there, Ryerson’s pretty well-known, so you may already have some sense of that.  It seems to be a relatively senior position there.

This is one of those rare postings that contains a clear salary range.  It’s a pretty wide range, so you’d want to pin down what they’re willing to offer you, but at least you have some sense of what’s possible.  Both ends are probably a little lower than I’d personally want to see for a managerial position, but it’s not ludicrously low.

I’m going to assume that this position would be somewhere around Yonge and Dundas, although it’d be a little easier if they were explicit.   Assuming that’s true, it’s a nice area to work, pretty central, lots of food around, lots of things going on.  Traffic can be a bit of a pain, but overall, I’d say it’s a good location.

The Bad
Well, they can’t spell ‘software’ in the position.  I’ll ping them to give them the opportunity to correct it, so perhaps by the time you see it, it’ll be fixed.   The salary’s a little lower than I’d personally prefer to see, but it’s not ludicrously low.

There are information gaps.  They mention that you should be familiar with agile processes, but not which ones, or whether or not they follow them.  The posting talks about management but doesn’t give you any sense for the size of the team.   They talk about RIA technology, but not Flash/Flex vs. AJAX & DHTML — perhaps that’s up to you.  They mention workflow and business process orchestration, which is often code for “we bought the hype, we want enterprisey applications more than we want to actually get work done.”  The title mentions support, but it doesn’t come up that much in the posting.

It’d be nice to know the location explicitly, know more about the process.  It seems important to have some sense of the kinds of applications you’d be developing and supporting.  It’d be good to have a sense of the team size and composition.  It’s not clear to me how hands-on this role may or may not be, although it sounds hands-on to me.

I’ve never worked for a university other than when I was a student, so I don’t know if they have a kind of culture that someone may or may not really enjoy.  Some environments do, and if Universities do, perhaps some of you wouldn’t want to work at Ryerson.  I’m just guessing here.  😉

If it’s hands-on, as it implies, some of you may find that distracting.  Some organizations have an expectation that they’re managers will be spending the vast majority of their time actually building software, which usually means you can’t do much to be effective as a manager.  Others have a more reasonable balance; I can’t be sure where Ryerson falls.

In Summary
If you want to be an application development manager and that salary range includes what you’re already making then this could be an interesting opportunity to take on new responsibilities.


4 Responses to Ryerson: Manager, Application Development and Support Services

  1. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Although this came through one of my feeds, it seems to be open to Ryerson Employees only, as was pointed out by a friend / reader. There’s language at the top and bottom of the posting to that effect: “Only applications from current Ryerson University employees will be considered for Internal Applicant postings.”

    “Ryerson is seeking Internal Applicants (existing Ryerson University employees) committed to high quality service to students, staff, and faculty for the following vacancy:”

  2. […] Manager, Application Development & Support Services, you can read the current posting and my previous review of the previous […]

  3. DJL says:

    The job has now gone external and anybody can apply.

  4. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Yes. I added a new post to address that, although I probably should have updated this one as well.

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