ING: Manager, Infrastructure Architecture

ING is looking for a Manager, Infrastructure Architecture:

We are actively recruiting for a Manager of Infrastructure Architecture to join our Technology Architecture group. The desired candidate will work with Project Managers, Capacity/Strategic planning, Development Managers, Ops and Technical Services on infrastructure design, development of strategic roadmaps,  and technology standards. This position is responsible for leading and mentoring other Technology Architects and assisting them in the Enterprise Architecture, and will play an integral role in the overall implementation of  the Technology Architecture strategic vision.

The Good
ING’s a pretty well-known player in the financial space, yet they’re fairly innovative for a financial company, so working there may not be entirely stifling.  It’s a pretty senior role.  Some of the technology sounds like it could be interesting (SAN, Virtualization, messaging, etc.)

The Bad
The has a fair amount of enterprise-speak (“strategic vision”, “integral role”, “strategic roadmaps”, “global infrastructure roadmaps”, “future business requirements”, “technical knowledge leading-edge”, “IT portfolio”).  You could probably play a bit of buzzword bingo with it.

And the usual knowledge gaps: process, work, team, compensation, etc.

“Willingness to travel” could mean a lot of things.  Unless you’re completely indifferent to the amount of travel, you may want to inquire what that means before getting to far.

In Summary
If you have a stomach for Big-E Enterprise and financial institutions and want to get into a senior role where you can exercise your strategic vision to achieve business/IT alignment through the careful application of best practices resulting in service-oriented architectures that create return on investment, then ING would be pleased to accept your application in triplicate and assemble a committee to investigate facilitating acquiring you as a resource.


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