Unspecified: Python/Ruby Developer

An unspecified company is looking for a Python/Ruby Developer to help them build some RESTful web services to back a Flash/Flex/AIR application on contract, either full-time or part-time, and potentially parlay that into being a team lead as the project develops:

We’re looking for a talented, experienced backend application developer to create a RESTful service that interfaces with a flash/flex/air frontend.

Currently in startup mode, but expectation is that you would become the team lead for future development within the project. Also – this product is very very cool, and you’re going to be happy to put this on your resume, and show it off to your friends and family.

It sounds like Python is the first choice of technology, although it also sounds like there is some flexibility there.  A brief conversation with the person on the other end of the opportunity (name withheld by request) revealed that he or she seems to be a relatively sane and sensible person, at least so far as one can tell in a short conversation, and the following details, which I can pass on:

–          Consumer oriented: content aggregator + micro participation
–          Self funded, with the right contacts for a funded stage shortly

The Good
There’s precious little Python in town, and not all that much Ruby, so if you’re interested in these technologies, then this job is already well above most of its competition.  It may also be an interesting project, although it’s really hard to tell.  The contract pay being offered seems reasonable, although it’s not exceptional.

The Bad
These secret projects tend to lack information.  Thus, the ‘secret’ part.  So you won’t know much about the work until you talk to the people who are offering it, and even then, you may need to pass some thresholds of acceptance just to get more information.   What’s the project?  Who’s behind it?  Is it as interesting as they claim?  What process will you be working in?  How much money are they willing to offer you?  How many hours a week makes sense?  At least you know it’s a work-from-home contract.

Not everyone’s into short-term contract work.  This may turn into a full-time position or longer-term contract, but it may not — that’s the risk you take with contract work.  If you’re already doing contract work, this is probably old hat, but if you’ve got a full-time job, there’s a risk to consider.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’ve got no problem with contract work, but this project takes off, are you willing and interested in taking it further, becoming the full-time lead instead of a contractor?  It sounds like that’s what they’d prefer, so you might need to consider that.

In Summary
If you’d like to be working in Python, there’s very little of that in town, from what I’ve seen.  Alternately, if you’re a big believer in Ruby, there seems to be an opportunity to make that happen if you’ve got the right skillset.  If you’re into either of those and available for some short-term contract work for now, this sounds like it could be an interesting opportunity.


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