Flux: Java Developer (Telecommute)

Flux was looking for some Java Developers to telecommute:

We’re a company called Flux. Our customers are experienced Java developers. They use their JSE, JEE, and application server skills every day, just like you. They use our software so they don’t have to build out a Java job scheduler, file transfer engine, and workflow engine, which is precisely what our software does.

We’ve been around since 2000, and we are profitable.

We actually need two Java developers, and because we want the very best, most experienced Java developers we can find, we’re looking anywhere in the world. We’ll start on a consulting/contracting basis, since you may live in Belize and we don’t know what the employment laws in Belize are.

The job isn’t up on the joelonsoftware board anymore, so it may be closed.  I won’t go into it in detail.  I’ll note that Flux got a write-up recently as having a two-year benefit of a two-week paid vacation for two to anywhere in the world, which is pretty cool.

Ultimately, I’m not totally sold on their product space, but their approach to hiring was interesting enough to catch my eye anyway.


2 Responses to Flux: Java Developer (Telecommute)

  1. Don says:

    The company isn’t profitable. They will be bankrupt before any vacations are issued.

  2. David Sims says:

    Several Fluxies have already taken those vacations, and the next round of vacations start next year.

    We’re still here. We’re still profitable.


    David Sims

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