Unspecified: Ruby Developer

Brainhunter is helping someone look for a Ruby Developer:

Develop detailed technical specifications in response to business requirements
• Hire, manage, direct and lead a core group of programmers to deliver on the technical spec.
• Generate creative solutions to functional, performance, and technical problems.
• Development of a web based application with the following functionality:
o Spidering and structuring of data
o Geographically based mapping
o Integration, presentation and analysis of multiple sources of data
o Clipping, storing and tracking of data
o Web2.0 Interface functionality
• Subject Matter Expertise to lead a group of technical experts with the following characteristics:
o Roles: Front-end and back-end Development, System Admin, DBA, Data Capture
o Environment: Java, Ruby, HTML, Ajax, MySQL and PostgreSQL

I’m inclined to believe, based on the skills they’re asking for, that this job is in a roundabout way for Rogers — Rogers is doing some “side projects” with Ruby, although details are scant unless you actually apply for one of these things.

The Good
There aren’t a lot of Ruby jobs in Toronto, and so that’s a good start right there.  And the technology mix sounds interesting, and interesting is usually good.

The Bad
There’s very little information on this, as is often true under a recruiter.  We don’t know who the company is, where the job would be, what the pay would be — it’s really hard to form a concrete opinion about the pros and the cons based on this level of information.

Not everyone likes to work with a recruiter on a potential job.   And, frankly, there’s not a ton of info here.  I imagine some of you might want to do Ruby work, but, then, you probably didn’t read this far.  Some of you might want to do Ruby and not Java.

I could speculate about other reasons based on what I’ve heard about the job that I imagine this is, but I think that’s far too many conditionals to bother, don’t you?  Unfortunately, if this is the job that I believe it may be, it may already be filled.  But, then, it doesn’t hurt to inquire.

In Summary
There aren’t a lot of well-paid Ruby jobs in Toronto, near as far as I can tell, and really not that many jobs in Ruby at all, so if you’re interested in doing Ruby work, and you’re not already doing some, you might as well put your hat in the ring.


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