Cocoa Touch Games: iPhone Developer

Cocoa Touch Games is looking for an iPhone Developer:

1. Demonstrable 3-5 years Objective-C/Xcode programming experience.
2. Understanding of, and ability to use standard 2D physics libraries (i.e., Chipmunk).
3. Understanding of and coding ability using OpenGL ES.
4. Understanding of XML (our global high score databases export XML for importing to tables in game) and Obj-C http commands to post/get to .php scripts.
5. Appreciate and provide us with clean, well-commented, and uncluttered code.
6. References and work samples. We will check them.
7. Ability to work to schedules that are mutually discussed and agreed to (we’re not slave-drivers, we want great quality which we know takes a bit of extra time).
8. Familiarity with version control systems such as SVN and ability to communicate progress reports and post info to central web-based project management system.

Of particular note is the desire to have the developer work for a percentage of sales, which is obviously a two-edged sword.

The Good
There aren’t a lot of iPhone jobs around, and most sound even sketchier than this.   If you want to cut your teeth on the iPhone and you’re looking for partners who already have their toes in the water, this could be a good starting point.

The Bad
Although they’re looking for a developer, this is far closer to a partnership than it is a job.  If you’re thinking about entering into a partnership, you’re going to need a ton of information, and this is only the briefest of starting points.

Working for a percentage could have a big upside, or it could mean you’re coding for less than minimum wage.  You’ll want to put some thought into the time you’d need to get this done and the likely payout.  Is this a labour of love, of likely to make reasonable profit?

In Summary
If you’re into the iPhone, you might want to check out Cocoa Touch Games past efforts and decide if you’re interested in helping out, and if so, what it would take.


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