Avid Life Media: Rubyist

Avid Life Media is looking for Rubyists:

  • Extensive experience with web development and an excellent understanding of web technologies and databases.
  • Ruby experience
  • MySQL or Postgres experience.
  • Unix experience
  • Basic knowledge of Front end development (XHTML/CSS/JS)
  • Familiar with OOP principles

The Good
It’s a Ruby job in Toronto, of which there aren’t tons.  I get the impression that Avid is pretty well-funded, and yet small enough that you can make a difference, which is a nice and uncommon combination.  I’ve had a conversation with Raja, and he seems like a nice enough guy, with an opinion on how to build software.

The Bad
The usual.  More information is always better.  I think Avid pays ok, but it’d be easier to tell if they posted salaries.  Where are they located?  What properties would you be working on?  What’s the process?  Tell me more about Avid Life?

When I last heard, Avid had a fair number of non-Ruby properties that might take away from your pure joy of working in Ruby, although this position implies that the work is full-time Ruby, so that may not be a factor.

Your mileage may vary significantly when it comes to the actual properties that Avid Life has gone after.  They have a wide variety, like like five limes, where Raja comes from, and some that not everyone would go for, like HotOrNot.com and AshleyMadison.com.  I know a few people who wouldn’t want to be working on those properties, and some who would either not care or even be interested on that basis — you’ll have to decide where you fit.  The fact that Avid Life doesn’t go out of their way to list the work implies to me that they understand the downside.

I also get the impression from their portfolio that you might spend a lot of time working on individually small applications — not that they aren’t relatively high-traffic, just that each one might not require massive functionality.  That’s just an impression, I could be way off-base.

Finally, I’m a little suspicious of companies that don’t tell you much about themselves, and Avid’s front page is basically a brand teaser.

In Summary
If you’re looking to do some Ruby in Toronto and you’re not put off by the subject matter, Avid Life seems like an interesting place to work.


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