A Bouquet of iPhone / Mobile Little Bites

I’ve seen very few postings for iPhone dev that look like really credible jobs, so … if you’re just looking for a side gig to get into the iPhone, you might want to look into some of the listings that follow, but if you’re looking for a serious job with a serious company, I’m not entirely sure if you’ll find one here.

Mostly, I think people smell an opportunity here and are scrambling to take advantage, although, to be honest, I think the easy advantage was to the first movers here, and we’re past that, so now you probably have to do a serious application to cut through the noise.

We’ll call this Mobile Monday:

  • Someone is looking for a software designer and software engineer.  Some parts of this posting sound a lot like the Cocoa Touch Games posting, so it’s possible this is a duplicate, but other parts make me think it’s something else.  Again, this is a partnership for a cut of the sales, not a straight-out job.
  • Someone is looking for Cocoa/Objective-C/iPhone development but … that’s about all we know.  Job?  Contract?  Partnership?  Email harvesting for spam?
  • Another iPhone development posting with no information.
  • A startup at Yonge/Eglinton looking for an iPhone developer to help them build the company.

There was another posting that called for a mobile software developer:

– Design, implement, and test client applications for various devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.
– Actively participate in porting applications to new devices.
– A firm understanding of the intricacies of mobile data networks is ideal.

This looks more credible to me, a little more like an actual job, although not a very senior one.  The location’s a little far afield, and there’s not a lot of information, but it feels slightly more solid.


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