Google: Engineering Site Director (Mtl.)

Google is looking for an Engineering Site Director.  Unfortunately, they’re doing so in Montreal:

  • Represent Google across a region as a senior leader, build relationships with leading academic, government, and corporate institutions.
  • Evangelize Google’s values as an organization that believes in community, creativity, fun, innovation, passion, and sound judgment.
  • Lead efforts to build infrastructure, facilities, and support for site personnel.
  • Recruit top notch engineers to for the Engineering center, hire and mentor senior leaders, and provide career development and professional growth for highly talented engineers and managers.
  • Develop product/project ideas for local and global deployment and evaluate project requests of varying levels of scope for fit with site personnel. Allocate site resources to projects based on local and company priorities, and ensure timely delivery of all projects.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other distributed development centers and with Google’s Headquarters in Mountain View on project and administrative issues.

I typically don’t spend much time on positions outside of Toronto, so I’ll keep this short.  In summary, a senior role working for Google in Montreal probably sums it up for a lot of you.  I’d be happy to inquire about it if I were considering a move.


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