CTV/Much: Web Developer

CTV / Much Interactive is looking for a Web Developer:

  • Building robust, extensible and extremely efficient C# .Net back-end Internet applications for Canada’s #1 youth oriented web platform
  • Building and extending database elements (MS SQL 2000 and 2005)
  • Maintaining and replacing legacy ASP code (VBScript)
  • Maintaining and extending custom C# CMS applications
  • Helping develop, update and maintain scripts that manage and process XML feed data
  • Developing tools that integrate seamlessly and efficiently with existing HTML documents, .Net controls, and AJAX and Flash applicants

The Good
Much is visible, funky, and lots of people watch it and interact with the website.  It could be fun to work on.

It’s a popular site, so you may have interesting challenges with respect to scale.

There is some forward-looking elements deep in the description: “social web, preferably with experience with web services, facebook apps and utilizing open source initiatives whenever possible such as WordPress, Google Maps, etc.”

The location‘s great.  Easy access to subway, lots of good stores and restaurants around, central.

The Bad
Maintaining and porting legacy ASP VBScript applications sounds pretty unappealing.

It doesn’t seem to be a particularly senior role, although if you’re in a senior role and you’d like to take this on, you might be able to argue them up.  Compensation commensurate with experience implies that, but I find that phrase is often meant to be applied downward.  😉

The usual lack of information about compensation, process, team.  There’s not much about the rol, and the work description is mostly technology-centric rather than specific software you’ll be working on.

Not everyone’s big on .NET.  I mean, you could say the same for just about any technology, but Microsoft technologies in particular seem to rub some people the wrong way, if for no other reason than the connection to Microsoft.

In Summary
If you’d love to work for Much, and you’ve got ASP and ASP.NET experience and aren’t looking for an especially senior role (or are willing to fight for it), well, this could be your ticket.


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