Bevertec: Application Architect “Level 3”

Bevertec is looking for an Application Architect, Level 3, which makes me wonder if Level 3 architects get any kind of bonus in hand-to-hand software development.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to know about EDL, PCT, WHTI and SPP.  Since I don’t know what those are, I can’t tell you if working with them would be interesting.  You’ll also want to know the Zachman Enterprise Framework, GOSMART, PIA, TRA, EPM, IMS DB/DC, PKI, RUS and WTF.


2 Responses to Bevertec: Application Architect “Level 3”

  1. Greg says:

    WTF? Seriously? Or did you add that acronym in at the end of the post yourself? Either way it’s hilarious…

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    No, I added WTF myself, but glad someone noticed. 😉

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