Fiver/Riptown Again

One of the amusing things about reading a good deal of the technology jobs posted in Toronto on any given day is that you start to recognize certain patterns almost without thinking.  On the very first quick visual scan of this posting, I was already starting to think it was Fiver Media, and reading a few more details made it seem pretty likely.  The recruiter’s keeping the details on the down-low, but it doesn’t take much to read into this posting.

I’m not going to review it, we’ve talked about Fiver before.  Basically, if you can handle working for a company in the online gambling business and all that comes with that, you could consider looking at Fiver, but if you’re not certain that you want that sort of position, then it’s probably not worth looking any deeper.

Whether there are deeper problems is a subject for other people to debate — personally, as soon as I see the company’s doing “gaming” I move on, but I respect the fact that some of you will make different choices.


One Response to Fiver/Riptown Again

  1. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    And again

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