Canoe: Director of Development

CANOE is looking for a Director of Development for Toronto:

The Director of development will be in a position to ensure that development work in Toronto is properly analyzed, documented, executed and rolled-out into production. This person will have strong analysis capabilities that align with one (ZEND) or more development frameworks and lots of experience with hands on development. They will be comfortable working inside of a standards based development team and will ensure that best practices are followed all the time. This person will be able to provide strong integration with the development team in Montreal and Chicoutimi to ensure that development tasks across the company are not overlapping but complementary.

This person will also ensure that the Develop Team understands that they are going to be measured on *doing the right thing, in the right way, the first time*. A culture of steady progress that makes few errors will need to be instilled from day one to achieve the best results possible.

The Good
CANOE is part of Quebecor media, which is a publically traded company (Google Finance), so it’s easy to see that while they’re off from their highest share price, they’re not doing horribly financially either ($428M first-quarter profit).   Basically, senior role in a big company.

Also, CANOE is pretty visible, so you’ll be working on things that your friends can see much of the time, and they have enough different properties that there might be a fair amount of variety.

The Bad
The role seems to emphasize for managing, assigning, measuring, verifying skills.   These are all probably relevant skills for most managerial roles, but I guess I prefer companies that emphasize the role of a manager in making sure that the work gets done, that customers and employees are happy with the results, team growth and mentorship, and so forth.

I’m also a little suspicious of a company that can use RUP, CMMI and Agile all in one sentence without feeling like they need to explain a little.  RUP can be light-weight if implemented a certain way, and CMMI can be used to ensure that a team is using mature practices, but both are often used to bludgeon projects and project teams into limp submission with reams of paperwork.

So, it’s not clear how much I should read into these elements about the work environment, but it might be hierarchical, and heavy-process, it’s hard to say.

It’s not clear what the compensation might be.

Quebecor is a pretty large company, with a 1.6B market cap and 52,000 employees.  Even though this is a relatively senior position with CANOE, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that you may still end up being a bit of a cog in the overall machine.  Some people are looking for a place where they can really stand out, make changes.  In my experience, in a company this big, it’s rarely possible to stir more than the local waters.

CANOE seems to be a mostly PHP company.  In this role, it seems unlikely that you’ll actually be writing much code, but sometimes it can be helpful to know the code that the developers with which you’re working will write, so that may be a factor for some of you.

The location is a bit off the beaten path at King/Parliament.  There isn’t a lot in the area, so if you’re not already somewhat east of the downtown or coming in by car, this location might be a bit of a downside for you.  On the other hand, if you’d like to walk up to Vistek to look at camera lenses at lunch, you’re well-placed for that, or to stop off and visit the Dominion pub.

In Summary
Managerial role for a pretty big and visible company taking charge of PHP developers for Toronto and keeping in contact with development teams in Quebec, on the east end of the city core.  Could be interesting.


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  1. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    I just noticed the revision I had up made it look like the second quoted paragraph wasn’t a quote, but was my text. It wasn’t. I fixed it. 🙂

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