Uptime: Software Developer

Uptime Software is looking for a Software Developer (html intro and application form, detailed PDF):

As part of the development team, you will be responsible for the development
and maintenance of our software products, which are written in Java and PHP and
integrate with many operating systems and databases. The position involves
close interaction with other developers and the QA team. A strong development
background is required.

The Good
Uptime is an interesting local ISV that is looking for someone who knows agile methods well.  The manager there, Pete Bevin, seems to have a good reputation.  I know the CTO, Alex Bewley: he’s a good guy, although I haven’t worked with him in probably over fifteen years, so it’s hard to say how relevant that might be.  The process sounds pretty agile, which is nice.  The role, work, company and process seem to get reasonable levels of description.

The Bad
It doesn’t sound like an incredibly senior role, but as long as you get a fair amount of input and get paid well, I’m not sure that matters.  Sadly, there’s very little sense of the compensation.  It might not hurt to understand the technology mix a little more – percentage of time in Java vs. PHP, plus C#/C++.

The location (Richmond/Portland) may work really well if you’re downtown west of the University line already.  On the other hand, if you’re coming from out of town or from the east end, it may be less convenient.  It’s a nice area, lots of nice restaurants, shops and so forth about, but not crazy busy.  Ghandi makes a nice Butter Chicken roti.

In Summary
If you’ve got chops in all of Java, PHP and Agile, and “Queen & Bathurst” isn’t an inconvenient neighbourhood, this could be the job for you.


4 Responses to Uptime: Software Developer

  1. bryanf says:

    To continue on the location vein, I work at Richmond & Brant and my last job was Adelaide & Portland. It’s only about a 15min walk from Union, so if you’re coming in on the GO it’s not too bad. Admittedly not so fun in the super-hot or super-cold weather. There’re also streetcars from Union that go up Spadina and Bathurst if you don’t want to or can’t walk, though I find they actually take a bit longer than walking — frequently a lot of people wating for the streetcars at Union at rush hour, and traffic can be congested.

    Two thumbs up for Ghandi. 🙂

  2. Alex Bewley says:

    uptime software Rocks!

    …and we’re modest too.

  3. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    This has gone up on david crow’s site, so I imagine they’re still looking:

  4. […] Uptime, still looking for a Java Developer with a little PHP thrown in.  I gather they could conceivably be hiring more than one. […]

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