Unspecified: Application Integration Manager

A contract ‘manager’ role is a little unusual, but this posting for an Application Integration Manager has its good points:

We are looking for an outstanding professional contractor to work for our client on a six month contract. You will be working for a major player in the telecommunications arena. In this role you will be managing the relationship with extremely important clients through your adept skills and the breadth of your knowledge in relationship building, software development projects and integration.

What you will do:
-Perform client facing tasks ensuring client satisfaction through effective delivery
-Engage client as warranted to develop deliverables and manage expectations
-Lead the integration of client’s application with hosted middleware platform
-Implement the ecommerce application according to guidelines, budget, reqs etc
-Contribute to project estimation and planning phases

The Good
Notably, the pay.  $78/hr max should mean that you get paid $78k for the six-month contract.  That’s not mad money, but it’s not bad for six months work.

The Bad
Very little detail in some areas.  “Major player in the telecommunications arena” could mean a lot of different things.  What’s the work, what’s the process?  Who will you be working for and with?

Contract’s not for everyone.  You may be making more than $78k already, and have benefits.  To take this job, you have to quit, with only $78k promised, and even that might not pan out.

On the other hand, you can take your 78k, live frugally for the rest of the year, and relax, or start a startup, or find another job.  The world is your oyster.  Whatever that really means.

In Summary
If you have the freedom to take a contract right now, and you’re making less then $78/hr, this could be interesting.


2 Responses to Unspecified: Application Integration Manager

  1. Developer says:

    What do you think would be the salary range for a senior java developer in Toronto > 6 yrs Java, 8 years total experience? ANY idea of salary ranges at Intelliware

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Salary for Sr. Dev / Java in Toronto varies a ton by company. I’d say you’re probably looking at anything from about $50k – $120k, with most falling in the $60k-$90k range.

    For intelliware, the 60-90 range is probably about right based on what I’ve heard.


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