Unspecified: Binary Tools Developer (C, C++, Assembler)

Cistel is helping an unspecified client look for a Binary Tools Developer:

– Significant hands-on software development experience (C, C++,
assembler) across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac/OSX, Linux, Symbian
and embedded systems).

– Significant low level operating system and kernel experience.

– Security knowledge (encryption, software cracking, obfuscation).

– Demonstrated knowledge and experience with the inner workings of
compilers, linkers and loaders.

– Knowledge of binary object file formats as well as experience with
binary code patching and rewriting.

The Good
If this is the kind of code you like writing, there’s only so many places in Toronto where you can make that happen.

The Bad
Other than the technology, there’s basically no information.  Who’s the company, what do they do, what would you be doing for them, is it fun, how well does it pay, what’s the process, where are they located?  For all I know this is a job in Texas for $10/hr, so anyone interested would obviously need to get massive infusions of information about the job before going any farther.

Given how much less common these postings are, I’m also assuming that your mileage may vary when it comes to doing C, C++ and Assembler.  Mine certainly would.

In Summary
There’s not a lot of detail, but if this technology mix matches your skillset, might be worth digging further.


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