Ethoca: Senior J2EE Software Developer

Ethoca seems to be looking for a Senior J2EE Software Developer:

Lead and put your signature on end-to-end, build-from-scratch projects for a company that is growing in every direction.

Looking to build new features? Want to tweak the architecture for a global company? Interested in assembling an analytics toolset that will touch millions of data points? These are all part of one very exciting and challenging job.

And of course you’ll work with a small team of talented individuals, enjoying a startup environment where your voice is heard and your experience is valued.

Opportunities that let you build a market-defining product don’t come along very often. This is one of them.

This posting doesn’t appear on Ethoca’s careers page (at the time of this writing, anyway), but the description on Red Canary seems to point pretty directly here, so it may be that candidates would have to go through Red Canary to apply.

The Good
If the company really is “growing in every direction” and they really want you to “put your signature on “a market-defining product”, it could be a good opportunity to make a significant impact on a company that’s growing, where you can grow with the company and be rewarded well for your efforts.

The Bad
The posting implies a certain amount of leadership in some areas (“Lead and put your signature on”) but the title is “Senior J2EE Software Developer”.  Makes me wonder if their pay might not match the expectations, so I’d definitely suggest you probe on both of those.

There’s a couple phrases here that you’ll need to decode:

  • [D]rive and commitment that it takes to thrive in a startup environment
  • Experience working for a start-up company -– understands what it takes to be part of a small team with big responsibilities

These could be very telling.  It could be a red flag in a number of areas — expectations for how much you’re going to work, the kind of chaos you should expect to deal with, the amount of pay you can expect.  Or it could simply be that they’re looking for a “get things done” person who doesn’t come from a background with heavily defined and rigid roles.  Hard to say.  But, again, implies that you’ll want to get a good sense of what you’re getting into, what their expectations are and what you can expect in return.

Sadly, for a startup, they’ve gotten in deep by dealing with EJB, Rational and Websphere already.  I imagine the banking influence is part of that, but it’s a shame from a technical perspective.

Although Ethoca seems to have blue-chip clients these days, they do seem to have a past in doing fraud detection for online gaming.  I know some potential candidates would have a problem with that, so it may be worth probing further to see where that leads.  I’m guessing given the Tom Ridge / DHS connection, those days are basically behind them.

The location seems to be Yonge/401, which is a little far north if you’re downtown.  If you’re midtown, north, west or east and/or vehicle-commuting, this could be a pretty decent location.  It’s not exciting, but it may be convenient.

In Summary
If the location works for you, could be interesting.  Poke a little about the expectations/compensation mix, and get some sense of the current connection to online gaming, if that’s a concern, but otherwise, looks like a possible opportunity.


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