Fiver Media / Anon: Team Lead Game Developer

An ‘anonymous’ company is looking for a “Team Lead Game Developer“.  Any Toronto job talking about ‘game’ or ‘gaming’ without being too specific about it is probably gambling rather than what I would call game development.  And if the “gaming” job talks about Java server-side skills (as opposed to, say, J2ME), it’s further evidence that it’s a back-end for some kind of gambling shop.

Finally, when the posting is anonymous but otherwise almost entirely similar to the aforementioned Fiver Media posting, it’s a lock.  I don’t have any personal experience with Fiver, but they do seem to be the latest in a long chain of names associated with a gambling company whose reputation is far from pristine.  So if you see postings like this one, I suppose it’s up to you to make the call, but you might want to read some of the discussion thread on this post before getting too excited.


3 Responses to Fiver Media / Anon: Team Lead Game Developer

  1. Fiver says:

    Fiver is dead…..just fired 200+ employees…..gave them all “working notice”

  2. bill says:

    Yes I can confirm that. Today Fiver Media, formerly known as Riptown Media laid of most of its workforce. The company is in trouble.

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