RD Group: Scam?

I hope none of you have had contact with the RD Group, nor is that in your future, but if you do end up hearing from them, beware.  They seem to be operating in Toronto and targeting new Canadians, as far as can see.  Basically, what people are reporting is that they contact you as if they’re an employer or recruiter, interview you, then imply they can get you a much better (highly paid) job, if only you pay their fees ($5k).

Now this is all hearsay for me, I can’t verify any of it.  But I will say that anyone who wants you to pay them to find you a  job is probably just looking to take your money.


6 Responses to RD Group: Scam?

  1. Salman says:

    I have been called by RD group but when I read all these commnets, seems like a complete scam to me ?

  2. Yash says:

    I have been called by RD group recently for an interview. I just type address in search engine and it comes up with ripoff “RD Group ” so i am thinking not to go there.

  3. Rosemary Roche says:

    It concerns me that a company like a recruiter – who is in the business to place candidates and therefore have a vested interest in attacking a career counselling company – can make comments about their competition without first hand experience.

    The fact is that over the past 20 years, job placements have declined through recruiters dramatically to a small % of total placements. The % is printed in the yearly Annual Director of Ontario Executive Recruiters – if you want to check. Looking for a job – especially if you are a new Canadian, is more difficult than ever.

    1) I went to RD Group thinking I would pick their brains – and that I could get enough from that, and I wouldn’t need their help. I have 25 years of very successful business experience, including over 10 years as Vice President of a company which doubled to $100mm during my time in charge of their sales. I listened to RD’s description of the market today – which was then confirmed by my friends looking for positions. Even though I have hired dozens of people myself – I realized I needed help.

    1) The resume that we prepared was head and shoulders over the resume I had paid a professional resume firm to prepare – and it took less time. It positioned me for a job that was top of the line – and clearly an extention of my experience. The professional resume firm post your resumes on job boards – you do not get measurable responses. The best jobs aren’t on the job boards.

    2.) Globalization is shifting parts or complete segments of jobs out of Canada. If you happen to be currently in that segment, or one that is about to be impacted – you are going to need to creatively “re-invent yourself” to get a decent job. The world is never going to change back – and the speed of change is increasing dramatically. We are experiencing the equivalent of the “Industrial Revolution” that changed the face of the Western World in the 1800’s.

    As a job hunter, you need a coach familiar with movement in industry segments, change in perception of interview techniques etc. to coach you through the process and to guide you as you do the work required to thrive in this difficult environment. Unless you are a nurse or in a field that centrally trains people (normally service jobs that can’t be outsourced) – it is very difficult on your own.

    3.) The process RD goes through with you , helps you see yourself much more clearly, in an up to date way; We grow as we go through jobs – sometimes without recognizing it – and being aware of this is critical when you are marketing yourself in an interview. It helps you connect the essence of your skills and personality – to the job you are competing for. Without this dialogue and input with someone knowledgeable and up to date on what’s happening in job searches/interviews – you will not get the interview – or if you do, you will not be able to express the spontaneous, heartfelt, solid reasons that connect your work history, skills and character – to the job you interview for. The person who gets the job makes this jump from their background to the job requirements. But this doesn’t happen without a lot of reflection, discussion and understanding – which comes from working with a professional in the business.
    4). Networking is key to finding jobs today – and a lot of people don’t know how to do it AT ALL , or how to do it effectively. Unless you are a natural extrovert – most people aren’t – this is a hurdle and you need help to get over it. The process in the RD Group program simplifies networking, takes the discomfort most people have about phoning someone they have never met, and successfully secure 20 minutes with handful of people that quickly introduce them to opportunities that lead to the best job.

    I decided to use the program very quickly, – because:
    1.) I realized I was unfamiliar with the job market as it is today and that if I got a job just 1 month earlier, it would pay for the RD fee.
    2) Secondly, negotiating salary is very tricky. With the experience and coaching RD group gives, you can earn the $5m fee or multiples of $5. m in increased salary negotiated well!
    3) Looking for a job can be very demoralizing. Going once a week to meet with a coach puts closure dates on the tasks at hand and makes you feel your on-going progress which leads to your destination.
    4) I had already bought the Ontario Registry of Executive Recruiters :
    a) I identified all recruiters in any aspect of my experience.
    b) phoned and talked to them – E-mailed a resume.
    c) They were very professional, personable and impressed with my background. But only one came up with a job – the company that placed me at my previous company where I rose to Vice President. They contacted another company in my field that they felt I would be ideal for – and rushed me in for an interview.

    RECRUITERS – don’t have a magic hat they can pull an opportunity out of! They are much smaller in their role today than 20 years ago. With technology – the job market works differently! And I know someone I worked with for years – who went into this – and how hard it is to make money.

    I hired a lot of new Canadians, a much higher ratio than other departments or companies. We helped them with their pronounciation, sometimes their basic English at the lowest entry level – had ESL courses after work. Each newly immigrated employee moved up as they learned more and more – they trained the person behind them into their job. They told me that their friends and relatives didn’t receive that welcome. Overseas visitors from the country they came from were amazed at the level of their job when they met them.

    Unfortunately, it is more difficult than it should be for new immigrants to get the job they deserve -short and long term. Many Canadians haven’t gotten close enough to new immigrants, to hear the content of what the person is saying with a foreign accent – to see their intellect, strong work ethic, willingness to learn and commitment to the company. You need help. RD group has experience, knows what has happened to others – and you can benefit from it.

    Getting a job these days is hard – I have friends I worked with who are highly competent, who have been out of work for nearly 2 years!

    It is easy to get frustrated and blame others for the tough transitional work environment in Canada today. The truth is, ONLY YOU CAN DO IT – BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE. If you are open to help – are not someone who looks to blame someone else for their failure – we can do it faster and better with people whose business it is to have a finger on the pulse of the changing job market. You can’t afford to allow feelings of negativity or discouragement to start and fester during this process. Having a coach keeps you positive if you are working hard in-between.

    Last August, the CEO of a company I used to deal with – gave my name to a woman who was looking for a job. She had had her “dream job” for 2 years – until the partners who owned the business disbanded due to personality problems between the owners. Initially, she said her hope was to find “just a job to last till retirement”, which really surprised me. I knew that the CEO who referred her wouldn’t refer just anyone to me. I knew from what she said that He had only met her once – and only because she phoned him directly and asked to meet him to get some guidance.

    I told her that given she had clearly loved her last job so passionately – she should set her sights high – on the same level of job satisfaction again. The industry she was in was very visible – she knew the players as I did – but not the inside stories. I connected her with two former employees – who had had to re-invent themselves also in her industry. Their jobs were different but tied in. When I mentioned the company the first one worked for – she grimaced. I told her that is what I had thought too. But the person working there – had never been happier – was well treated and was not working round the clock!

    I also told her to go and upgrade her computer skills with Photo shop and anything else the 2 contacts advised she might need. Younger people coming up, although they don’t have the knowledge – they are superb at putting projects directly onto the latest technology without having someone else to do it for them – and she had to be too!. She did.

    Three months later, after e-mailing back and forth – we set a date to meet for lunch. She proceeded to tell me that she had talked and worked with both of my referrals. A job in the newspaer appeared about the same time, perfect for her, in the company of the first connection I gave her that she grimaced about. She had all the skills. ThMy contact plus a former work associate of hers – helped her undersand the inside of the company and revise a few things on her resume which communicated that she fully understood what they were about and what they wanted/needed. She had the job in a week!

    That’s my “Two Cents Worth”!

    Good luck in your career search!
    These decisions form the foundation of our lives and that of our families.

  4. I have to admit, this doesn’t change my skepticism; that said, those of you who have tried RD Group are welcome to challenge my perceptions. If it makes you feel better, Im not a recruiter, and RD Group is not my competition.

  5. Sam says:

    Let me advise you first hand. RD Group is a rip off. Don’t be fooled – you will be out $5000 very easy with this company (as I have). When you are desperate for a job you will do anything.

    I saw the comment above – my issue is not their process – while I think I gained a much more valuable resume from them, and yes some personal reflection, the promises of them getting me interviews in the “hidden job market” was a complete hoax.

    They lead you to believe that they have connections and can secure interviews with well established organizations, but, alas, that is not true.

    Go for yourself, meet the staff – when they ask if you are married and asked to bring in your spouse – stop and ponder…..what? why?

    An extremely great sales tactic. What they do is remove the issue of you going home to discuss with your spouse, to make a determination. Make the decision in their office, and commit.

    I am not sure is anyone had experiences with companies like Premium Buyers Club etc – exact same protocol they use – and for those who don’t know – William Kim – one of RD Group’s senior associates, is now with Direct Buy – go and listen to a great sales pitch.

    It is your choice – there are much better resources that you can go to obtain resume tips and personal reflection that specialize in that and promote themselves in that capacity – RD Group is not one of them.

  6. Rogers says:

    I totally agree, I paid RD group 1500 dollars in 2007 and the result in job placement was zero, it is a total scam, fraud going on with new canadians.

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