EnStream: Software Solutions Architect

EnStream is looking for a Software Solutions Architect:

We are seeking a Software Solutions Architect to lead the design and development of a cutting-edge mobile commerce platform. He/she will lead the full lifecycle of software development from conception, analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment.

The candidate must have a strong background in Java at an architectual and solution design level, both on the server side (J2EE) and mobile device side (J2ME). The candidate should also have a strong portfolio of services that they’ve launched in their past careers, with experience working with a large wireless carrier.

EnStream is themselves a little interesting:

EnStream is a joint venture company owned by Bell Canada, Rogers, and Telus – Canada’s three largest mobile communications companies. EnStream is developing a breakthrough mobile commerce platform. EnStream is seeking driven individuals who can help make mobile commerce a reality in Canada.

The Good
Mostly, this just sounds like an interesting opportunity.  Three big carriers, working together on mobile payments, and they want somone to lead the effort, front-end to back-end.  Sounds interesting

The Bad
The usual: gaps in the available information.  We know a little about the carriers, but not EnStream.  What’s the mobile payment platform in support of?  What’s the compensation, the process, the location (55 University?).

Your mileage may vary when it comes to the idea of the carriers co-operating.  This is the sort of venture that either becomes a company that is ensured success by virtue of being supported by all the big members in a small market, or becomes a company that dies a terrible painful death of a thousand cuts by trying to be everything for a group of companies who fundamentally don’t want to work together.  It’s hard to tell at this point, but it’s an interesting proposition.

In Summary
If you’d like to do both server and client-side Java in the mobile space in Toronto, this seems like a unique opportunity to be part of a joint venture from all three major players in the Ontario mobile space, and probably the three biggest telecom companies in Canada, not counting people like Nortel (I don’t have the data to back up that assertion, but, well, we can all agree they’re big).


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