“Web 2.0 Shop”: Java/Ruby Developer

A company who describes themselves as a “Web 2.0 Shop” is looking for a Java / Ruby developer:

You will be developing web 2.0 type applications for the web and mobile handsets using Java/J2EE/J2ME and Ruby on Rails primarily in an Agile (paired-programming, test-driven development) environment. You will also be using other new technologies such as AJAX in order to deliver the richest user experience possible.

The posting describes the company as follows:

a small, growing Web 2.0 development shop that also has a venture fund component to their business. They are investing in, and helping clients/partners rapidly bring products to market

The Good
What’s actually there sounds reasonable. A startup environment, Java/Ruby technology. Venture-funding might imply there’s backing finance.

The Bad
There’s not a lot of information here. Agile rates a mention, but it doesn’t go much deeper than that. The posting seems to have been written by someone who’s aware of a variety of technologies, but it’s not clear how GWT and Ruby on Rails would be assembled into a single application in a useful way (it can be done, but I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea). There’s literally no clear reference to the company, the compensation or the work.

Not everyone wants a startup, and not everyone’s fond of J2ME. Those are areas you’ll want to ponder. There’s also a mention of 25% travel, which could be quite a bit (e.g. a week a month, or a day or two per week).

In Summary
If you’ve got Java and Ruby expertise and want to exercise it for a “Web 2.0” startup, I guess you might want more information. If that sounds like you, contact the original poster. For the rest of you, there’s just not enough there to give this a strong recommendation.


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