CBC’s Senior Applications Manager Details

CBC is still looking for their Senior Applications Manager, and this nexstaf posting provides some details that weren’t visible elsewhere, notably the 90k maximum salary and a little bit about the technology environment:

This is a multi technology platform environment including: UNIX/Oracle, Windows, .Net, JAVA, etc.


3 Responses to CBC’s Senior Applications Manager Details

  1. some guy says:

    I have worked on and off at the CBC for many years. It can be a fantastic place to be
    I can say the 90K salary will be quite difficult to get,as its simply the top of the scale for that position. Frankly unless you really really want to work at the CBC this job may just be too stressfull to take

    unlike more classic IT environments you will have several groups of users to satisfy.
    1 the engineering group who have more expertize in broadcast engineering that you or your applications staff will ever have
    2 a production group, which because the applications you produce may be used for live television, demand the product be 100% perfect the instant it goes into service. this group also knows more about television…
    3 a creative group trying to be competitive against other large broadcasters, and so need to push the equipment in ways never done before, this group also knows more about television…
    4 because the salaries are low in IT, you application programmers may be in their “first gig”.
    5 you have the typical govermenment bureaucracy combined with the need to compete against an agile private sector
    6 you will live in meetings
    good luck if you go for it

  2. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Thanks — that kind of insider feedback is invaluable, I think.

  3. bryanf says:

    I worked at CBC for quite a while as well, though not for about three years now. I suspect many potential applicants are not making the cut because of the French requirement – this doesn’t sound like a “you need some French” job, more like a “you will be working in both English and French constantly” job. Might be more useful to post it in Montreal and ask for fluent English.

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