nCircle: Principal Software Engineer

nCircle is looking for a Principal Software Engineer:

  • Technical lead for software design and development projects
  • Work closely with Product Management to understand customer requirements
  • Create designs, develop software and write tests
  • Assume responsibility for the quality and timeliness of assigned software development efforts
  • Active participation as a member of a world class software team

The skill-set they’re looking for sounds pretty serious, at least compared to much of what’s out there these days:

  • Strong experience with at least one Unix-derived operating system, including kernel and system utilities
  • Experience specifying hardware systems for enterprise appliances, diagnosing hardware-related problems (eg, intermittent RAID failures), porting operating systems to new hardware, porting applications to new operating systems and new compilers. Experience designing appliances for reliability, scalability, and supportability.
  • Experience porting between versions of Unix and Linux

The Good
The work that you might get to do for nCircle sounds both interesting and rare (e.g. “porting operating systems to new hardware”).  If this is the sort of work you like to do, then there aren’t a lot of companies doing this kind of work in Toronto, as far as I’ve seen.  And, for once, there’s some sense of what you might be working on, with the mention of IP360.

The Bad
There’s not a lot of detail on other fronts — the process, the compensation.  The posting itself doesn’t contain much information about the location, company and work, but they leave enough information that the interested can track down that kind of information in more detail.

nCircle only talks in detail about the bay-area office, so I can’t say for certain that this is Toronto-based, but since they do have a Toronto office, it seems likely.  Then again, perhaps a bay-area move is just what you’re looking for?

In Summary
If porting operating systems and diagnosing intermittent RAID failures sounds like heaven, then you’re probably already responding to this posting.  Since most of you are probably used to building Web Applications in Java, this might not be your thing.


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