The Hive: Senior Mac Java Developer

Brunel Multec is helping someone to find a Senior Mac Java Developer.  Actually, a little digging turns up that it’s our “old friends” at ‘The Hive’ (original posting):

The successful incumbent requires a rare combination of experience developing software for Java, Mac OS X, user interface design experience on Mac OS X, well-versed in Apple Human Interface Guidelines, networking programming experience -including clients and servers in Java, experience with Tomcat and Hibernate.

The Good
Well, there’s the obvious: the posted salary goes up to $200k.

And then there’s how they describe how they’d like to kit out your work environment:

The successful candidate will have their home office outfitted with dual 30″ inch Macintosh monitors, high-end Mac desktops and laptops, your choice of ergonomic chair, an executive-style desk, highly competitive compensation with full benefits and the opportunity to work with the brightest minds in the software development industry.

And their described philosophy on software ‘intellectual property’:

Unlike many other companies who wish to patent most, or all, of their code, this company believes strongly in the benefits and philosophy of open-source software.

The Bad
It’s a short posting, not much meat on the bones.  Who are you working for, and what are they like?  What exactly will you be doing (role, work)?  The compensation range is huge — where would you fall?  What’s the process?

You can get some of that information directly from The Hive’s website, but even that lacks a lot of detail.

Working from home is not for everyone. It can be convenient, but you have to remain disciplined, and stay focused, and you may not have a lot of human interaction, which can drive some people ’round the twist. It can also be problematic if you have, say, three small children, a variety of pets and no locking door to keep them out.

First and foremost, anything that sounds too good to be true probably is.  If you dig around on the ‘net, you’ll find a few people skeptical that this is a real company, and very little to contradict it.

The Conclusion
If you’ve got that skill-set, and you’re willing to work from home, you might consider talking to The Hive, see if they’re all that they say they are.  Color me skeptical for now.


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