Little Bites: ‘Teach’ Lead, Sapient, Rails, Police

Agilon puts a lot of effort into their job postings.  For instance, they’re looking for a Teach Lead in TorontoUS, ON, CA which is apparently another way to say ‘Detroit, MI’.

Sapient is always looking for people in Toronto, it seems.  They’re still looking for a Solutions Architect and a Manager, Technology, both of whom should apparently be open to frequent overnight travel.

Someone is looking for Rails developers with PHP experience in Toronto.  If I had to guess, I’d say this sounds like Avid Life Media still.

Being a senior developer for the Toronto Police sounds like an odd but possibly interesting experience in its own way.  Unfortunately, it’s public-sector, so senior developer means $70-$80k here.


One Response to Little Bites: ‘Teach’ Lead, Sapient, Rails, Police

  1. some guy says:

    I thought the police job was interesting (which i noticed here). Being completely qualified to do the work, but realizing the position was closed I wrote to inquire about future possibilities with the organization. The response to my very polite query was

    All available positions are posted on line. Please see website under
    “civilian opportunities”.

    No wonder companies cannot find skilled people when they need them

    I suspect this is pretty typical

    Some guy

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