Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion: Chief Information Officer

The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP) is looking for a Chief Information Officer via Knightsbridge:

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is an essential position within the Ontario Agency for Health Protection & Promotion with a significant information technology mandate. It is responsible for leading the creation and maintenance of the physical information-systems architecture to support the Agency’s operations.

The CIO has an expert understanding of information technology and systems and their multi-site configuration for medium-large sized high-reliability organizations (HROs), industry-specific knowledge in public health and laboratory-information systems, managing information projects from conception to execution to support organizations’ performance-reporting and operating information needs, and advancing organizations’ information systems capabilities.

If you’re willing to read through the not-so-subtle marketing, the agency is:

[A] cornerstone of the Ontario government’s intricate and bold plan for public health renewal in Ontario. Established by special legislation with an independent Board of Directors, it has a mandate to protect and promote the health of all Ontarians.

The Agency will serve as a hub, linking researchers, practitioners and front-line health care workers to the best scientific intelligence from around the world. Putting science into practice, it has a broad mandate that includes infectious disease prevention and control, health promotion, chronic disease and injury prevention, and occupational and environmental health. The Agency will conduct original research, and with a highly effective transfer of knowledge, will ensure timely advice and best practices as well as on-going professional development.

The Good
Public-sector work for health, seems worthwhile.  It’s a new government agency, so it hasn’t had a chance to get all screwed up by successive governments monkeying around with it for years.  It’s a pretty senior role, and probably a formative one due to the newness of the agency.

The Bad
It’s public-sector, so that typically means the salary’s lower than a comparative private-sector job, although the compensation as a whole often makes up in other ways.

There isn’t a ton of information.  What’s the location, the compensation, the work?

In Summary
If you’ve got the background, the interest and the skill-set to be CIO for OAHPP, this might not be an opportunity that comes around every day.


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