Little Bites: Halcyon, Sierra Systems, Toronto Hydro

Halcyon monitoring solutions is looking for software developers to work with the CTO on architecture, design and prototyping of the next generation of Halcyon infrastructure management products. That sounds interesting, but they don’t once mention the technology they have in mind, so I’m not entirely sure how a candidate is supposed to tell if they’re a good fit. Inquire if interested, I guess.

Sierra Systems is looking for a Java Developer and an Application Architect. There’s not a lot of detail here, but the fact that they made “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” could be appealing. “Monthly profit-sharing plan open to everyone; auto-lease discount rates; bicycle commuters get secure lock-up and shower facilities.”

Toronto Hydro is looking for a project leader.  Again, not a lot of detail (what’s the project one might be leading? what’s the compensation), and again, a “top employer” in other respects.  In particular, the 95% top-up for 37 weeks for paternity leave is pretty incredible.  I would have loved to spend another 33 weeks with my son, but the cost differential between parental leave benefits and a decent salary is ludicrous.    They’re looking for PMI certification.


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