Wishabi: Software Development Engineer

Wishabi is looking for a Software Development Engineer to help them develop a product to simplify the shopping experience using Ruby on Rails to develop some kind of wishlist:

We’re looking for a bright, energetic, and dedicated rock-star developer who is a great team player and who will be a core contributor to our development team. You will need a good sense of humor (we like joking around) and strong skills in application and server-side development and experience. Interest in designing and building systems from the ground up is a big plus.

The Good
Ruby on Rails and cloud computing sounds interesting (looks like they might be using the facebook platform, and possibly EC2?). Wishabi sounds like they have a simple and direct approach to development and a small, tightly-knit team, whether or not they call it agile. They’re also looking for a ‘few talented people’, so that might mean you can work with someone you already know and trust.

The Bad
They’re pretty far out, location-wise, at 427 and Burnhamthorpe. There’s no talk about the compensation, and as always, that tends to be a weak point for startups.

It’d be nice to understand their product a little more clearly, but if you’re interested, it sounds like you can beta their software on the Facebook platform.

Your mileage may vary on the location. If you’re in the west end, or somewhere west of Toronto, a 427 and Burnhamthorpe address might well be a great choice for you, compared to the downtown core. It seems pretty accessible by highway, and it’s not completely out of the question for subway-goers from the west end who could take a short bus ride from Islington.

In Summary
This actually looks pretty interesting to me, particularly if you’re already in the west end or commuting via the 427.  I’d want to try out their beta application and form an opinion about it, and I’d need to understand their compensation before going any farther.


One Response to Wishabi: Software Development Engineer

  1. Geoffrey Wiseman says:

    Wishabe says they prefer to discuss salary with respect to a particular candidate rather than skew the people they receive. They add, “our salary will be extremely competitive with an excellent bonus structure, and the work environment is fantastic, and we’re having lots of fun here”

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