Destiny Solutions: Director of Software Development

Destiny Solutions is looking for a Director of Software Development to:

Take ownership of our implementation, customization, maintenance and new product development. You will report directly to the President, on initiatives to fulfill our client’s complex requirements while continuing to develop and hone our methodologies. Your ability to effectively communicate with and lead our delivery team will contribute to our continued success and growth.

Destiny describes themselves as follows (abbreviated):

Destiny Solutions is a leading provider of enterprise level applications for Educational institutions. Our primary product, Destiny OneCE, is designed to unite staff, instructors and students in one seamless process by providing a web based integrated business solution to streamline administration and operations. Our client list includes the continuing education divisions of Duke University, University of Toronto, Stanford University, University of California, Santa Cruz extension.

The Good
It’s a product company, the location’s not a bad one, and the role is pretty senior. There’s a fair amount of information about the company and the product.

Neutral and Mixed
The technology list is not horrible, although it’s also not exceptional. JSP and Struts rate mentions, so there’s probably no modern web framework, let alone Ajax. Tomcat and Hibernate are pluses for me, although I’m slightly surprised that there’s no mention of Spring. The role probably doesn’t involve a great deal of detailed technical work (like coding).

The Bad
As with Decisioning, Destiny mentions both PMP and Agile in the same breath, which makes me wonder somewhat about their approach to agile, although I don’t consider the two completely incompatible. Likewise, I’m not entirely sure that Microsoft Project fits into my normal agile toolset, but without knowing what they have in mind, I’m not going to pass judgement.

There’s very little sense of the compensation. I’m not personally very fond of the company name.

Located at Yonge and Eglinton, the location is likely to appeal first and foremost to those in midtown, uptown and out-of-town homes, although a reverse-commute to Yonge/Eglinton is not totally out-of-the-question for those in the downtown, or east and west.

Candidates should probably look into their take on process and probe a little further on the technology stack and the team, and definitely learn more about the compensation.

This seems like a good fit for someone in mid-town or up-town looking to find a director-level position in a product company.


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