Sr. Java Solutions Architect

3k Consulting is helping an unspecified company look for a Senior Java Solutions Architect (devbistro, craigslist).

The Good
The listed salary range is pretty solid, so as long as the rest of the compensation matches up, the compensation is attractive. The only references to processes are agile ones. The requested technologies are often relatively modern ones (although it’s often quite a mix, e.g. “Axis, JSON RPC, SOAP, WSDL, REST, XML-RPC”).

The Bad
Well, as is often true of a posting listed using a placement agency, there’s very little detail about the company and the job, which could make the difference. Surprisingly, there’s also almost nothing about the role, so the candidate has to read into the required skillset in order to imagine what it is the company would like you to do. Unless, of course, you’re of the opinion that “Senior Java Solutions Architect” is a concrete, well-defined role, which I would certainly argue isn’t true.

And ‘CA Harvest’? Really?

It’s hard to read much into this, to be honest. It’s mostly a list of requirements, and you can decide easily if you meet those requirements. However, beyond that, there’s really only ‘reasonable compensation’ to recommend it.


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