Deloitte: Senior Manager J2EE/.Net Consulting

Deloitte is looking for a Senior Manager J2EE/.Net Consulting:

As a Senior Manager, the successful candidate will hold a key leadership position within our practice, responsible for leading large-scale technology projects. Our client’s technology environments are complex, therefore the candidate will need to bring experience in similarly complex environments and understand how to coordinate across many applications and teams as part of a single effort.

The Good
It’s a pretty senior role. I’m given to understand that Deloitte tends to be a decent employer, although that’s third-hand information at best.

They are certainly a large employer, with “6,800 talented people in 51 offices dedicated to helping our clients.” That might strike you as good or as bad, depending on your background and preference.

The Bad
It’s not clear to me how close Deloitte imagines a Senior Manager being to the implementation efforts. It’s difficult to manage a technology project if you’re disconnected from the implementation, unless you’ve already established a great working relationship with people who are part of the implementation effort, so depending on Deloitte’s culture around this, you could be getting set up for failure. That said, this is something you could ask them during the interview process, and change, if need be.

The travel requirements are unclear; it rates a mention, but no specifics. It’d be good to know more about the compensation. The reference to offshore development doesn’t score many points with me either.

It’s amusing to me to see paragraphs like this one:

Due to the ever-expanding inventory of IT systems within most large organizations, clients are increasingly looking for ways to leverage and expand existing systems while avoiding duplicate or “throw-away” solutions. Current vendor offerings are rising to this challenge by supporting functionality re-use through “Service Oriented” architectures (SOA) and technology standards.

You could replace ‘Service Oriented’ with ‘Object Oriented’ here and turn back the clock ten years and it’d be like you never left. Practically speaking, developing large systems is hard work, and the code isn’t always re-usable. Architecture can aid in this area, but ultimately, nothing as vague as a grand architectural style like OO or SOA will, in and of itself, promote re-use, and many of the people spending lots of money retooling their systems with SOA are simply repeating the same mistakes they made when they rebuilt their systems in object-oriented code.

But, hey, I know I’m in the minority here; vendors are good at making new things sound important in order to sell you the latest technology stack, and business gets up in arms, and of course, consulting organizations respond to that. It’s not Deloitte’s fault, they’re just filling a market need.

If you’re in, or would like to be in, a pure management role in a large organization, this could be an interesting opportunity.  If you’re looking to do some coding, or find a niche in a small company this clearly isn’t your bag.  Those of you in the middle might want to talk to Deloitte and see whether you feel there’s a fit.


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