Device-Side “Social” Java

This posting on Craigslist (and devbistro) is intruiguing, although there’s not enough information there to get really excited.  The company is described this way:

With a history of developing revolutionary wireless solutions, this
booming Canadian company is a world leader in mobile communications.
Boasting millions users worldwide, our client needs creative team
players who have the drive and professional skills to take their data
products to the next level in the global wireless market.

Which sounds interesting, and could be, say, RIM or Android work, but ultimately there’s just not enough information here to really understand who this company is and what the work would entail, beyond:

Our team’s goal is to develop robust device-side applications offering Web 2.0 type
collaboration and social networking opportunities.

That said, despite the lack of detail, the detail that is there is pretty interesting.  The listed pay ($80-95k) is a little lower than I might hope for, but it’s not completely out of line as long as they’re not looking to hire the best-of-the-best.

The Good
The work sounds both novel and challenging.  The area, device-side Java, is not incredibly common, and is an area that will continue to be of greater importance, although it’s still heavily held back by the stranglehold that carriers have on services.  The technologies (REST, ATOM, AJAX) are of interest to many.  There may be some upside in being in a growing market.

The Bad
The pay isn’t high enough to attract the best-of-the-best, and the posting itself is missing the kind of detail that might compensate for that (who the company is, what it’s like to work there, what their growth is like, what the team’s like, etc.)   That’s not a horrible thing, but it does put an upper bound on the developers who’ll respond to this posting, imo.

Job sounds interesting.  Pay’s decent, but not stellar.  More detail would make the posting more attractive.  If you’re into device-side Java, this may be pretty interesting to you.


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