Vizible: Technical Development Manager

Vizible is looking for a Technical Development Manager:

  • Managing the daily software development activities
  • Performing code reviews
  • Coaching and mentoring subordinates
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Communicating needs & status internally across departments and externally with clients
  • Answering developer’s questions about technical direction

The Good
When I first saw the signs of Vizible, it looked like an interesting technology startup, tackling vague, but interesting-sounding software, established some joint-press-coverage with Intel, seemed to be “going somewhere”.

The posting itself sounds reasonable, although it lacks the kind of detail you can really sink your teeth into.  They don’t seem to be looking for a manager who would spend 80% of his or her time coding, which is usually a bad sign.

The Bad
My first and foremost concern is that Vizible’s been around for a while, it seems to be targeting a bit of a social space, and yet, there’s almost nothing “out there” about their product and its use.  There’s no buzz, no recent press coverage, no sign of it being used anywhere anymore.   Basically, it looks as if Vizible had their moment, and it was three years ago.

It’s possible that the current silence has more to do with quiet build-up of a really great piece of software that will soon be launched, of course, but that’s less likely.  Most of the people I can find on LinkedIn are former employees rather than current ones.

More information about the company, the project, the technologies and the compensation would all be nice.

If you’re going to talk to Vizible, start by finding out what’s up, what they’re doing these days, and why they believe they’ll succeed.  If you believe their story, the rest of the indicators look decent.


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