TSX: Solution Architect

The TSX Group is looking for a Solution Architect:

Solution Architecture is concerned with the creation and implementation of the technology solution for an IT project. Working from project requirements, the Solution Architect is charged with providing the high level software/hardware solution with which the project team proceeds to deliver.


The Solution Architect then works with the Project Manager, the Application Architect, the designers, developers, Infrastructure Services, and IT Purchasing to pull the solution together over the course of the project. This rewarding position allows you to draw upon your diverse, technical experience to deliver mission-critical systems in a fast-paced environment. This role requires an entrepreneurial visionary who can liaise easily between the business and technical domains.

The Good

Well, for starters, it’s the TSX. While I don’t know much about working for the TSX, they are at least an interesting, and visible company where factors like scale and high-availability are probably important. They have a little information about the rewards and working environment on their website, although it’s difficult to take much away from that.


I’m not a fan of architecture positions that are completely isolated from the process of development, so I’m pleased to see some of these points in the job description:

  • Leading the implementation and development team.
  • Actively consulting on the implementation of the solution, explaining the rationale behind choices and making amendments to the solution when justified. There will be a need to enable development teams to quickly understand and see the value in the architecture, enabling them to effectively use it and succeed.

The Bad
It’d be nice to know more about the project in question, the compensation expectations.

This requirement is particularly interesting. Either the requirements were written by a realist, or it could speak volumes about what it’s like to work at the TSX, possibly in a bad way:

The successful candidate must have a high tolerance for ambiguity and be skilled at working consistently at an abstract level, not requiring clear and unambiguous objectives.

Finally some of the requirements make me wonder if their process is heavier-weight than I might otherwise like to see:

  • Experience in object oriented analysis and design, including a working knowledge of UML, preferably with Rational Rose, and a sound background in iterative development.
  • Sound and working knowledge of requirements management and Use Case methodology, preferably within the context of the Rational Unified Process

It’s an interesting position. There would certainly be some challenges, particularly on the process front, but working for the TSX may make up for that. Anyone with TSX experience want to comment?


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