Riptown: J2EE Technical Team Lead

Riptown is looking for a J2EE Technical Team Lead.  They’re located over by Roy Thompson Hall (as well as in Vancouver).
The Good
It’s not so much that any particular aspect of the posting stands out, it’s just a relatively sane and sensible posting.  It asks for the sorts of things that one might expect a technical team lead to do.  It doesn’t emphasize big heavyweight processes that’ll get in the way, or imply that someone in this role will spend most of his or her time coding (which tends to take too much time away from the team leadership).  They seem to espouse agile.
Besides, who wouldn’t want the occasional trip to Vancouver, a lovely city.

The Bad
Some people take issue with the space they’re in: online gaming of the gambling type.  Since the business is clear from their website, they might as well put it in the posting.  Riptown also does a good job of selling the work environment, but they do that on the website, rather than in the posting itself.

There’s no obvious sense of the compensation.


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