Citibank: Senior Developer / Technical Lead

 Citibank is looking for a Senior Developer / Technical Lead:

Due to the introduction of a multi-year, global initiative that spans over all lines of businesses within CMB, we are currently recruiting for a Senior Developer/Technical Lead to be located at our 123 Front Street West location.

The Good
The project sounds interesting.  Java/JMS, of some import to Citi.  Location’s pretty central.

The Bad
First of all, why senior developer / technical lead?  Which is it, is there an important distinction for Citi, and why list both titles?

Secondly, it feels a little like Big M methodology.  The objective is not to build great software that meets the business need, it’s to “delivering robust components as per the Functional Requirements Document”.  That means it’s someone else’s job to figure out what software is required — and if that person isn’t all part of the same team, it could lead to some awkward us-and-them throw-it-over-the-wall moments.  It also means that you could do your job perfectly and still deliver software that doesn’t do anything that anyone wants.

But this innocuous phrase is the one that scares me the most: “Managing transition of development efforts from various locations.”  What does that mean?  Why is development being transitioned?  What’s the state of the code?  Is it good, well-documented, and will you have access to the authors?  Hard to know.

Would be great to know more about the compensation, more about what the project actually is, and why one might like to work for Citibank.

Of Note
Unless you’ve worked for Citi before, it’s hard to know whether or not these points are good, bad, or indifferent:

 Complying with mandated policies and procedures and contributing in procedural improvements.


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