SilenTale: Software Engineer

SilenTale is looking for a software engineer:

We are looking for people passionate about messaging, mobile, archiving, distributed systems, NLP and modern web UI. Do you thrive as part of a small, agile and talented engineering team?

Although the posting and career site aren’t especially clear on the subject of location, it sounds like they’re location-flexible, although that may mean working-from-home, and probably means things like limited health benefits, simply because it’s not worth setting up unless there are a lot of Canadians on board.  I’d also want to know more about the compensation.  That said, sounds like the work could be interesting.  And, heck, you might have to visit Paris occasionally, which isn’t much of a problem.


One Response to SilenTale: Software Engineer

  1. Laurent says:

    Thanks for the post. Some clarifications, we are based in Paris and are looking for passionate and talented people (if the too can go together!). We are already collaborating with people in Toronto and Montreal, so working remotely is not an issue. And as you put it, who would not want to visit Paris once in a while?

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