Telus: Sr. J2EE Architect

Telus is looking for a Senior J2EE Architect:

Key responsibilities include IS strategic planning, IS architecture blueprints, product research and evaluation, application development standards and frameworks, data architecture, technology infrastructure planning and design.

My biggest fear with a role like the one they’re describing is that you’ll be asked to develop and refine an architecture in isolation from the business concerns and implementation concerns.  To be honest, I’m not sure that I really believe that it’s possible to do a good job of that.  Evaluating technologies is one thing, but attempting to architect a solution unless you know the business requirements very clearly and can get involved and stay involved in the implementation effort:  “Oh, I see, I guess object-centric SOA has more pitfalls than was evident in the trial project we conducted.  Maybe we should make message objects to help compensate for that?” Without a good feedback cycle, most efforts are doomed to repeat their mistakes.

Although Telus does attempt to tell you a little about themselves in the posting, and I’m glad they’ve tried, it’s deeper in  marketingese than I can really buy:

Our team members include people like you – enthusiastic, innovative, passionate and energetic. We believe that you’ll find our high-performance culture personally fulfilling, professionally challenging and financially rewarding.

That may all be true, but I guess it’s just a little hard to take at face value.  Anyone reading this work at Telus and want to comment?


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