Intelliware: Technical Architect

Intelliware is looking for a Technical Architect again / still.  There’s very little sense of what the particular job might be, but they’re an agile shop, close to High Park and the subway, typically Java.   Having worked with a few ex-intelliware people, they had both positive and negative things to say, but that’s at least as good a report as most companies get, so there’s room for some cautious optimism.

More clarity on the nature of the initial work, compensation and even the company wouldn’t hurt to make the position more appealing.


3 Responses to Intelliware: Technical Architect

  1. Sean Miller says:

    Hmm. I can’t believe that we’re really asking for JSP in 2008…

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  3. […] Looks like Bevertec is trying to help Intelliware find that architect. […]

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