Mobile Payments: Dev Manager

A “a technology startup firm which provides application software and associated services to the financial industry, with a focus on Mobile Payments” is looking for a development manager with, an agile approach:

– Facilitate team activities like iteration and release meetings, stand-ups, retrospectives, etc.
– Interact with Product Management Team to understand the business strategies and initiatives, short- and long-term priorities, in order to make effective trade-offs and decisions
– Interact with Operations Team to deliver maintainable software for live environments
– Provide high level estimates under uncertain conditions
– Proactively manage progress and status of project deliverables
– Ensure high quality results and maintain software in a constant “ready-to-release” condition
– Help the team to build the best solution that satisfies business requirements
– Help the team to consistently and constantly strive for process improvements
– Assist the team in refining tools, technologies, practices, etc. Actively scout for advancements at all levels

It’d be great to know a little more about the company and its products as well as the compensation, but ultimately, it sounds like an interesting role.

This seems to be CPNI, out in Etobicoke.


2 Responses to Mobile Payments: Dev Manager

  1. negative nein says:

    I’ve worked at CPNI – as of this date, their re-hiring for this position. Quite honestly, I’d rather have ebola than work there again.

  2. […] senior role, so it might be better-compensated.  A recent commenter suggested that he/she would rather have ebola than work for CPNI again.  There’s not a lot of information in that comment and I’m […]

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