Smart Systems for Health: Solutions Architect

A lot of people believe that with an aging baby-boomer population, e-government and in particular e-health is going to be more common.  I’m not entirely sure I buy the logic, but the Smart Systems for Health Agency would be one way to explore that path:

Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA), formed and funded by the Ontario government, is the enabling force behind a province-wide information technology infrastructure delivering world-leading electronic health (e-Health) solutions. SSHA is helping transform health care delivery by securely and reliably providing systems and solutions that connect doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories to each other and to patient information.

They’d like a Solutions Architect to design/document/architect, introduce processes and tools:

  •  Designing and documenting technically feasible IT architectural solutions which can be integrated within the SSHA environment, including the custodianship of resulting architectural artifacts (Reference and working models, as-is and to-be architectures / road maps, architecture templates, etc.).
  • Possess broad-based expertise in designing mid to large scale n-tier web applications using Microsoft .Net and Java technologies.

It feels a little like their technology stack comes from a Microsoft world, although Java does rate a mention, but then so does MSMQ, COM/DCOM, SQL Server.


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