ClearCanvas: Web Developer

ClearCanvas is looking for a web developer.

The listed compensation (45-65k) is low for my taste, although “web developer” usually implies that the employer is looking for someone with a front-end focus, a less broad set of skills, and lower pay. Plus, they’re a startup.

Still, if the compensation doesn’t scare you off and you’ve got .NET experience, the listing is otherwise interesting. Agile techniques, a chance to make a dent in a startup where you may get a chance to really make progress.


2 Responses to ClearCanvas: Web Developer

  1. Clinton Chau says:

    Thanks for mentioning our posting. Re: compensation, we’re open to negotiating a better rate if the candidate is a good fit. We also try to offer a fairly competitive benefits package that’s still within our means, including 3 weeks vacation and standard dental and drug coverage.

  2. gwiseman says:

    Well, thanks for putting out an interesting posting and for clarifying. Actually, digging a little more deeply than I did last time, ClearCanvas looks fairly interesting, company-wise. I like the look of the subject area and the kind of work — health care, open-source, and interesting technical work. So for people with good .NET expertise, this might well be worth looking into.

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