PlateSpin: Software Developer

PlateSpin is looking for a software developer again. While they don’t seem to have decided if they want to build systems in .NET or Java, the work itself could be fascinating, much more so than your average Toronto “get some business data in and out of database, please.” Here are some of the things they’re looking for:

  • Knowledge of Distributed Systems
  • Programming knowledge of Windows or Linux operating system flavors
  • Unit Testing Frameworks (NUnit, CPPUnit, JUnit)
  • Knowledge of distributed protocols
    • SOAP, RMI, JMS, IPC, .Net Remoting, DCOM
  • Knowledge of Virtualization Technologies
    • Virtual Machines, VMware, Xen, Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Knowledge of XML, XSD, XSL
  • Knowledge of Data Center components and their uses and interactions
    • SANs, Switches, Routers, Blades
  • Knowledge of database design
    • Table normalization, efficient SQL queries, performance tuning
  • Knowledge of system performance paradigms
    • Load balancing, clusters, distributed execution, agent

On top of everything else, they use Joel’s phrase “smart, and gets things done.”


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