Sr. Java for “Globally Recognized Multimedia Company”

A ‘globally recognized multimedia company’ is looking for a Sr. Java Developer:

We are a globally recognized multi-media company based here in Toronto. We have an immediate opening for a Senior Java Developer to join our thriving team of programmers. Candidates that tend to succeed with us, are intelligent, hard working, analytical thinkers that get along famously with others in our team. We need team players with good communication skills

It’s almost impossible to get a fix on the work, but the multimedia company could be interesting (Adobe doesn’t do any Dev here AFAIK; Alias?  There are innumerable smaller companies, that could fit that bill if they tried).   The slight description of the candidates and team sounds mildly appealing, but there’s not much to go on.

Company: 65%;  Work, Compensation, Morbid Curiosity: n/a


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